Underpinning excavation work

Client: Private owner (Sherbrooke)

Mandate: To decontaminate soil under a housing building as a result of an underground oil tank leak.

Type of response: Excavating and supporting the building for the environmental restoration of the property’s soil.

Outcome: Property decontaminated and free from petroleum hydrocarbons.

Hydrocarbon decontamination from rock

Client: Centre Notre-Dame-de-l’Enfant (Sherbrooke).

Mandate: To identify and treat rock and water contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons during the construction of a new unloading facility.

Type of response: Rock excavation, contaminated water pumping and removal of hydrocarbons from cracked rock.

Outcome: No residual hydrocarbon trace left in the soil and rock of the property.

Fuel-oil decontamination from rock

Client: Private owner (Sutton).

Mandate: To decontaminate the foundation wall, soil and rock of a home following a fuel-oil leak.

Type of response: Tank dismantling, rock cleaning, drywell cleaning and installation, and casting of a new concrete slab.

Outcome: No trace or smell of oil left in the rock and soil of the property.

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