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An environment consulting firm at your service

A historical review of the site being assessed. There is no sampling at this stage.

Service d

Phase 1

Environmental Assessment

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Identification of contaminants on a property does not necessarily mean that environmental standards are not complied with.

Service de caractérisation environnementale (Phase 2 & 3) d

Phase 2 & 3

Environmental Characterization

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Many methods exist for decontaminating soils, even underneath a building.

Service de travaux de décontamination (Phase 4) d

Phase 4

Decontamination Works

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Other services

Service Suivi environnemental d'Environnement PH - Firme d’experts conseil en environnement œuvrant dans le domaine de la gestion environnementale

Environmental monitoring

Environnement PH inc. provides an environmental monitoring service that meets the specific needs of its client. Environmental monitoring may be required to: Periodically validate the achievement of decontamination objectives. Obtain up-to-date results of a site’s environmental quality […]

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Service Démantèlement de réservoirs souterrains d'Environnement PH - Firme d’experts conseil en environnement œuvrant dans le domaine de la gestion environnementale

Underground storage tanks dismantling

Environnement PH sees to the removal of all types of underground tanks. Our team plans and conducts works according to regulations so that all dismantling-related procedures are respected. The work is done in accordance with safety and environmental standards […]

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Service Assistance et contre-expertise environnementale d'Environnement PH - Firme d’experts conseil en environnement œuvrant dans le domaine de la gestion environnementale

Assistance and independent second assessment

Environnement PH inc. provides professional and independent assistance in legal or second assessment files. This service is provided to any individual or organization requiring: a second assessment of environmental site assessment works […]

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Service Demande de certification d'autorisation d'Environnement PH - Firme d’experts conseil en environnement œuvrant dans le domaine de la gestion environnementale

Certificate of authorization requests

Our firm provides turnkey services for the preparation, drafting and submission of certificate of authorization (CA) requests to the Quebec Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Fight against Climate Change (MDDELCC). The Environment Quality Act (EQA) or […]

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Ecological study service - Environnement PH -  An environmental consulting firm specialized in environmental management

Ecological study

Our great field expertise and civil engineering know-how have enabled us to develop throughout the years an extensive knowledge of geotechnics and hydrogeology. Study of soil strata and environmental quality, groundwater flow (site hydrology) […]

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Service Contrôle de l'érosion et génie végétal d'Environnement PH - Firme d’experts conseil en environnement œuvrant dans le domaine de la gestion environnementale

Erosion control and soil bioengineering

The purpose of soil bioengineering is to stabilize and mitigate erosion issues, structure steep slopes, revegetate disturbed sites and decontaminate soil through planting. Our environment consulting firm offers various services such as: sediment control, erosion control […]

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Above all, Environnement PH means:

  • Creating long-lasting relationships with our clients and service providers

  • Providing competitive, specialized and high-quality services tailored to your budget and timetable

  • Convey professionalism in every business decision made

  • Making sustainable development a part of our business strategy

Expert Advice

Contaminated Sites Rehabilitation: Expansion and Enhancement of the Climatsol-Plus Program

13 April 2016|

In Budget 2016-2017, Minister Leitão announced the expansion and enhancement of the ClimatSol-Plus grant program. ClimatSol-Plus is a grant program to assist municipalities and businesses [...]

What is a certified environmental site assessor

15 July 2015|

A certified site assessor is an environmental professional recognized by the Association québécoise de vérification environnementale (AQVE) with experience, training and professional qualifications to ensure [...]

Land Protection and Rehabilitation Regulation(LPRR)

5 July 2015|

The Land Protection and Rehabilitation Regulation (LPRR) was enacted on February 26, 2003. The purpose of the LPRR is to provide for a greater protection [...]

Contaminated Lands Issues in Quebec

20 June 2015|

The issues related to the rehabilitation of contaminated lands are important and numerous. In Canada, the economic benefits resulting from the rehabilitation of metropolitan contaminated [...]

A New Accounting Standard for Municipalities

3 June 2015|

Since April 1st2014,a new accounting standard has been established for municipal authorities to inventory their environmental liabilities with respect to contaminated sites. Indeed, the new [...]

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The company

At Environnement PH inc, your satisfaction is the key to our success!

Environnement PH inc. is an environment consulting firm that has been operating since 2002 in various areas of environmental management, including environmental site assessment, soil and groundwater environmental characterization and brownfield decontamination. The company was born out of a desire to dedicate the time required for the completion of projects better suited to the specific needs of clients, with a view to promote a sense of workmanship.

Environnement PH inc. is first and foremost a dynamic company comprised of passionate professionals driven by the same values and corporate philosophy. Our mandate is to provide our clients with personalized environmental services that meet their expectations and are delivered to their utmost satisfaction.

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