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Erosion control and soil bioengineering

The purpose of soil bioengineering is to stabilize and mitigate erosion issues, structure steep slopes, revegetate disturbed sites and decontaminate soil through planting.

Our environment consulting firm offers various services such as:

  • Sediment control.

  • Erosion control.

  • Steep slope and landslide management.

  • Wetland characterization.

Environnement PH inc. can see to the characterization of wetlands, participate in the event of landslides, and implement erosion control measures as well as sediment control methods.

  • Protection of backfill and soil piles.

  • Installation of impervious membrane, geomembrane and mulch.

  • Installation of silt fences.

  • Installation of flotation and filtration collars.

Contrôle de l’érosion et génie végétal

Limiting the impacts of a construction site!

Implementing a sediment control program can reduce the impact of a construction site at its root.

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A closer look

Whether the erosion is anthropogenic (related to human activity) or natural, it has a significant impact on the quality of the environment and watercourses. The transport and deposition of sediments in watercourses generate important environmental, social and economic issues.

Here are some:

  • Transfer of chemical substances in the environment following their adsorption or absorption by sediments.
  • Decrease in watercourse depth and restriction of navigation. Dredging is then required.
  • Decrease of the penetration of light into the water due to the presence of suspended sediments (which leads to an increase in fish mortality).
  • Alteration of environmental conditions necessary to sustain the ecosystem (e.g. increase in watercourse temperature resulting from the adsorption of heat at the level of suspended particles).
  • Proliferation of blue-green algae and aquatic plants (due to excessive inputs of phosphorus).
  • Water distribution system interferences (e.g. increase in costs related to water supply systems connected to watercourses).

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